Why RambleTherapy?

Welcome to Ramble Therapy, where insights about the trips of travel are shared, the joys get big-ups and the challenges don’t get downplayed. I mean really though, I love it. I love everything about traveling, from the thrill of finding a great flight fare  to talking myself off the ledge when I’m staying at a hostel with rude ass dorm mates. My love of travel helps me to reel myself back in from going full-on Brooklyn ballistic to the chick who is just happy to be there to enjoy the experience.

imageTravel saved me from a what I call a regular life. I don’t know about you, but I always saw myself on the brink of extraordinary. It’s not that I think so highly of myself, it’s just that people kept pointing out to me that I was waaay different than anyone they had ever known. My cousin often referred to me as “who even knows that?”. Not like I was a genius or anything, but like I had a boat load of information stored up in my head, that’s so random that it could only benefit me on Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I have always felt out of step with my contemporaries. I was an old soul with a young spirit, a crazy person in a sane world, a lactose intolerant among cereal milk drinkers and an optimist in a world full of realists.

imageOut the gate I kind of knew I was not a tourist but instead, a traveler, because all of it beats in my heart and courses through my veins. Travel gave me license to freely be all that I am and all that I desire to be without having to explain or apologize and that is the shiznit!

So, why Ramble Therapy? Because talking about travel is pure awesomeness for a person of a certain age like myself. I’m hoping that talking about travel may remind you or even inspire you and me both to keep it moving and do whatever it takes to get the wheels up again. Each journey heals me and feeds my joy-o-meter and I plan to keep riding this joker until the wheels fall off.
Join me!