No Time to Waste

2016-03-19 18.46.52

Sometimes we get caught up in the what if’s in life. We might find ourselves focusing on what could have or should have been, instead of what is. Or we might be consumed with all the things that could possibly go wrong in the future. In either case, there is no place in the mind of a rambler for worry. There is no way to change what has already happened or to predict what is to come in the future. So who has time to be wasting on something that is not within the realm of control? Nobody, that’s who! What you do have is time to spend on developing yourself into the person you want to be, so you can continue to live in a way that speaks to your soul. What you need to know is that maintaining an attitude of gratitude is a full time job. There is no time or space for negative thinking or dwelling, when you are plotting a course toward where you want to go on your own special ramble journey.