About that life

2016-03-20 21.05.382016-03-20 20.45.022016-03-20 20.31.12We make our lives what they are. No, we are not in control of outside forces that sometimes wreak havoc on us, but we are always in control of how we handle the inevitable challenges we face. Our ability to see the value in the experience, the joy in the challenge and the beauty that abounds is what makes the difference. Life is a fabulous roller coaster, taking us through the ups, downs, twists and turns, as long as we are still moving, we have a chance to see things from multiple perspectives and that is strengthening us along the way. At the end of the day, what we have to remember is that the gift of life does not continue forever and our ramble mission is to appreciate the journey. We are fortunate to smell the roses, bask in the sunlight and travel among the vivid backdrop of nature, to truly enjoy the full breadth of it all we have to be about that life!