What is up with RT?

2016-03-17 23.53.44

In this forum, Rambling is about freedom. Freedom from the constraints or limitations of expectations from both internal and external sources. So basically, we are talking about being endowed with the ability to move and speak without impediment, so that you can be your authentic self. While there is a lot that can be said for authenticity, it don’t mean a thing if you have no clue as to why it is important or what you are trying to achieve from it. There is a therapeutic and healing quality derived from travel when its done right and the same can be said for being able to share the impact of its experiences. Hence, the birth of Ramble Therapy. So the goal of the information shared here is to be a source of encouragement and contemplation about all the steps it takes to get to where you want to go and a celebration of each milestone you pass along the way. Go forth and ramble your heart out or at least until your passport is full and everyone has heard about every last adventure!