Tomorrow is NOT Good Enough


If the general consensus is that it is never too late, then you are always on time, no matter when you start. Challenging that notion and a few others is what we do here. In the end, let’s see if you agree?

Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.                                    -Albert Einstein

Not to knock Einstein, he was a genius on so many levels, but bump hoping tomorrow is better. If we have learned anything at all from yesterday, it is that how we spent those 24 hours impacts what used to be the tomorrow that was coming, then arrived and is now today. That may have sounded a bit convoluted but you will get it on the re-read.

In the words of Eminem “You Only Get One Shot,”  so you should want to make your best life a reality right now! This is not a new concept, a boat load of conscious and thoughtful people have been shouting about what we’ve needed to do since forever and a day. But have we taken heed to it, or have we just stopped questioning what this failure to launch means to our own ramble journey?

“I believe in living today, not in yesterday, nor tomorrow”-Loretta Young

I’m not knocking that type of thinking at all, it does its very best to keep us on course. But honestly, I believe that this vein of thinking could be tweaked just a bit and improve our lives greatly. If we want to model that we, as the saying goes, “…never let it rest ’til our good is better and our better is best”, -author unconfirmed.

This is because, an almost good time to make a needed change or to begin being who we want to be, could be tomorrow. Today of course would be better, especially when we consider what Ben Franklin said about “putting off for tomorrow what you can do today”. But if we are going to be perfectly honest, if we admit that we are just figuring this mess out, then we also have to concede that we are already late. The absolute best time to have embarked upon a new journey was yesterday.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine, nor a genie to grant us three wishes, fold his arms and blink us back for a do over. But, I think that when we recognize and truly appreciate how we have wasted so much valuable time on contemplating instead of doing, imagining instead of implementing, hoping instead of being, we can go one of two ways. Either feel all apathetic and powerless like we can never change our paths, or we can get fired up with purpose and move like we got a whole lot of ground to make up.

I don’t advocate wallowing in the worry pool of life’s what if’s, but I think we lull ourselves into a false sense of satisfaction when we take on the belief that it is still good enough to recognize the errors of our ways today and then try to do it better tomorrow. Tomorrow is just not good enough!

There has to be a sense of urgency inside of us, motivating us and compelling our action beyond the point the safety net of our comfort zone. Yes, I am putting it out there, putting all of us on full blast… some discomfort or suffering is requisite to this transition. We don’t seem to believe in anything we don’t feel deeply, so we need the proverbial slap to get snapped out of it.

Maybe that shouldn’t be the case, but it is the truth. If there is no struggle then we act like “it” has no value. So, we need to see all the wasted yesterdays as our period of not-so-blissful ignorance, where we had to do our penance to demonstrate our repentance. Then we double-timed it onward to live life more fully.

Just in case you need it, here is a Newsflash: Contrary to the new popular belief that everyone has to get a trophy just for showing up, not everyone is a winner. There are losers in life and they are those of us who always wish and wonder, but never do. Worse than those people are the judgmental folks who also do nothing, but have an over abundance of energy  and fake wisdom to criticize the winners who dared to take a chance.

No, not everyone succeeds at all of their dreams. But you win every time you choose to DO YOU in spite of the risks. Every time you choose not to settle or accept less than you deserve, you give complacency the finger. You are casting your own mold after breaking the existing one. Creating a customized path through uncharted territory. Regardless of whether others agree or congratulate you, know that you kicked good enough’s ass.

You passed go on the monopoly board of life and you collected your $ prize. You got the highest scoring word in Scrabble. You did whatever… Just fill in the blanks. The most important thing is that you understood beyond the place of just understanding. You acted on what you knew and that my friend is living with purpose!

It is living like life means something. Like you actually get that you wasted yesterday and while you don’t have time to be worrying about what you cannot change waiting to do a different thing tomorrow isn’t gonna cut it either. What you ain’t got is more time to devote to a passionless life!

Sidebar: So, then there are these other people in your life and they support you. Hell, some of them go one better, they are the cheerleaders on the sideline. Those people who see where you have been and loved you through your miserable not so blissful ignorance. They were the ones who wished you better tomorrows and now understand how important this realization is.

Those people are the ones who may not have been able to bring the dream to fruition for themselves, but they want so much more for you because they have been there. They probably are still there. They are living testaments to the fact that even though it is hard to do what terrifies you, it is even harder to wish you had had the guts to step out into the unknown that could’ve been better.

Back to the matter at hand: Yesterday is gone and shame on you if you didn’t do your best like you should’ve.  But this moment right here is the absolute last chance you have to do better. So, bump what ya heard… Today is already a late start and tomorrow damn sure is not good enough.