Learn to Navigate Life’s Rocky Road with a Smile

2016-04-05 23.04.21

I think we all agree that life is a journey. It is absolutely amazing when we think about what the purpose of our personal sojourn  really is. That journey is going to take us new and different places, so that we can have valuable experiences and meet people who will continue to shape us and color how we see the world.

While everything we go through is not earth shattering or life changing, they do impact us. Those rocky road experiences, especially, teach us the lessons that are the foundation for our growth. Without them, we cannot and will not move forward. We need them to help us stretch beyond the daily routine and to make us zero in on the things that really matter to us the most.

If everything going on in our lives was the same day in and day out, we would all be bored to death. But since that is not how life works, we have to use the hills and valleys to determine where we are at any given moment and where it is we want to be.

The greatest gift we give ourselves is appreciation for all aspects of the journey. Even amid the most painful occurrences in our own lives, there is beauty to be found. There is some joy that abounds, in our hearts or the hearts of others that have been graciously shared with us. Our ability to recognize and enjoy our journey may be the thing that actually sustains us through the challenges of life which are inevitable.

We will never be able to skip the bumps in the road and go directly to the easy portion of the life test, so we have to figure out how to navigate the terrain with a smile. Life is amazing, enjoy the view and ramble often!