Go ahead, get carried away, it’s Carnival!

2014-03-02 12.14.46

When I say Carnival you say Party! Carnival – Party, Carnival – Party!

I have had great fortune to enjoy carnival in a few different countries and although the customs and traditions may vary, the one thing that stays the same is the pure fun aspect.  From Cartagena Colombia to Cajamarca Peru, Carnival is crazy and if you have done it right, you probably won’t remember it all.

Typically you can expect lots of people, music and dancing. Crowds are everywhere, all day and all night long so you better take care, but the mood is infectious and you’ll be glad you were there. If you pay close attention you can learn lots about the multi day experience and maybe you can be lucky enough to have a chance to participate with one of the groups.

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Another thing that will take your breath away are the festivals and parades. The costumes are absolutely amazing, people often take basic everyday items and jazz them up for their adornment. Glitter and feathers, plastics and metals all come together to complement colorful fabrics and headpieces. Everyone gets in on the fun, from 1-100 every age and every stage loves to get their party on during Carnival.

  • E-ski

    Hope you had a chance to jump up at Carnival!

    • I wish I could say that I did. I will definitely put that on my bucket list since there are sure to be many opportunities to get my dance on in the streets. Those costumes are amazing. Hope to see you out there too.